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How To Charge An Electric Car
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There was a time where there were a limited number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) to choose from. This is no longer the situation.  Manufacturers are investing in their electric vehicles. Brand-new plug-in versions are being launched frequently. 

As a matter of fact, manufacturers have dedicated to include substantial numbers of EVs throughout their ranges. This will happen within the next three to 10 years. 

All electric cars had a basic charging cable that links into the car and, using a residential plug, right into a typical electrical outlet. It's the exact same plug you 'd find on your  TV,  kettle or phone charger. This suggests you can charge at home in your garage or on your driveway if you have an exterior socket.

A regular home outlet is perfect for charging up your EV. You will certainly have to have actually a study done by a certified electrical expert initially. This is to make sure the circuitry suffices to deal with the high electrical draw. 

Get the circuitry updated if needed and request for a separate electrical circuit for your charging outlet. You will have to make certain the socket is close to where you charge. The charging wires are usually not long and you should never ever use an extension cable.

Charging in the home

Charging an electric car in the house is as easy as connecting your smart phone. To make it even simpler, the Government will cover up to 75% of the cost of the setup of a specialised ChargePoint at home when you buy an electric car. 

Data from Chargemaster shows that over 90% of charging takes place in your home.  If you don't have a garage or driveway, there is also a grant to cover on-street auto parking. All you 'd need to do is consult your regional authorities whether they participate in this plan.

Charging at work

This is a convenient and inexpensive choice for many EV proprietors. The number of electric cars on UK roads is due to expand. Increasingly more organisations are setting up charge points for their workers. This is a way to enhance their green credentials. Talk to your fleet supervisor to learn if your work place will set up a battery charger.

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