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Benefits of Electric Cars

Electric cars have become significant news recently, motivated by a decree by the current UK government to have roads free of vehicles running on petrol and diesel by 2040. Moreover, Volvo, a leading car manufacturer has also announced that beginning in 2019, every car they launch will have an electric motor.

Nissan leaf on charge

Electric vehicles, popularly known as EVs, will soon be the only vehicles on our roads. However, will such a change have any effect on the average consumer? Since most of us don't have electric cars yet, we might as well start weighing the benefits of electric vehicles against their disadvantages.

 First of all, EVs are practical, enjoyable and will enable you to save money on fuel while reducing carbon emissions.

Using electricity as fuel has its benefits which do not extend to the internal combustion engine cars. EVs are more responsive with an excellent torque enhanced by the ability of electric motors to react quickly. Also, they afford you the option of digital connections since most EV charging stations offer you the choice of controlling charging from a smartphone app.

Cheaper to Run

Owning an electric vehicle will reduce your operating costs because the amount you would spend buying petrol for a kilometre is thrice as much as what you pay to charge it with electricity. To fully understand how much you would save, you can search online for a Fuel Cost Savings Calculator.

Cheaper to Maintain

A car running on petrol or diesel has more moving parts compared to one running on a battery charged with electricity. An electric vehicle does not need an expensive exhaust system, radiator, fuel injection system, starter motor among other parts. Though batteries also have a limit on their lifespan; most manufacturers warranting theirs for about eight years so you will need to replace your battery eventually. 

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) have a petrol engine which will require regular servicing and consequently adding to its maintenance cost. On the other hand, the electric motor has few mobile parts implying less wear and tear of the components of the petrol engine leading to little maintenance.

Better For the Environment

An electric vehicle has zero emissions therefore when you decide to use one; you will be helping to lower the air pollution caused by harmful carbon emissions. When you opt to recharge your electric vehicle using renewable energy, you will be reducing greenhouse gas emission further. You can do this by charging your vehicle from the solar PV system rather than from the grid. 

Alternatively, you can buy GreenPower from the electricity retailer in your area such that even if you choose to recharge from the grid, you will still reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming eco-friendly with cars such as the Ford Focus Electric made from recycled materials; they also  use bio-based materials for its padding. The Nissan Leaf also has its bodywork and interior made from green materials for example plastic bags, recycled water bottles, old car parts as well as second-hand home appliances.

interior of an electric vehicle

Health Benefits

A decline of exhaust emissions helps to improve our health. Besides, petrol or diesel vehicles produce a lot of noise for the environment, unlike the quiet electric cars.

Safety Improvements

Recent studies reveal that some features of the electric vehicles can assist in safety improvements. EVs are less likely to roll over due to their tendency to have a lower centre of gravity. Their body construction makes them safer in case of a collision while also reducing their risk for explosions or fires.

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